LUNCHEON Nabil Nahas in conversation with Gilles Khoury2021
SELECTIONS Sanctuaries. Nabil NahasJan.2021

New York-based  American-Lebanese artist Nabil Nahas grew up in Cairo and Beirut and studied fine arts at Yale University. Over the course of a phenomenal career, the 69-year-old artist has had exhibits at some of New York’s most important galleries, in addition to exhibits in Paris, Beirut and São Paulo, always reinventing himself by exploring new artistic techniques. Throughout the years, his paintings have been abstract, pointillistic or impressionistic, and sometimes a mixture of all three techniques. Most recently, his works have been inspired by Lebanon’s magnificent cedar trees, providing a moving artistic tribute to the country of his birth

BLOUINART Lebanon's 75 Years of Independence

Nabil Nahas creates stamp for Lebanon's 75 Years of Independence

Liban Post 's New Stamp Independance of Liban
L orient le jour Lebanon's 75th anniversary of independance

New York-based artist Nabil Nahas was born in Beirut in 1949, then spent his formative years between Egypt and Lebanon before leaving for the United States to attend college. Now, Nahas still periodically returns to his birthplace. He started painting at a young age and quickly became interested in abstraction.....


Canvas Cover . About AmericaMarch 20017

AYK: Why do you think the Americans elected Trump?

NN: This is a very serious political question....

Canvas Nabil Nahas .About AmericaMarch 2017

It’s clear that everything that is happening is alarming, to say the least, but I would definitely prefer to educate rather than retaliate. 

NY TIMES. J. Russel1987

Nabil Nahas and Alain Kirili (Holly Solomon Gallery, 724 Fifth Avenue, at 57th Street): Looking at Nabil Nahas's new paintings is like walking into a Latin American rain forest

Opium & Candy by Nathan Kernanjune 2005

Nabil Nahas is an American painter whose work does not so much “contain multitudes” as it reconciles opposites. Whether implicitly or explicitly, Nahas’s work explores extremes of size, scale, temperature and mood; and seemingly polarized concepts such as nature and artifice, materiality and immateriality

PARIS ART by Pierre-√Čvariste DouaireMarch 23 - May 28. 2005

Peintre de la nature et de la géométrie, Nabil Nahas travaille avec un plan précis. Les toiles qu'il livre sont à la fois rigoureuses et luxuriantes. Attaché à rendre compte d'un univers en mutation, il n'en oublie pas moins que le monde est régi par des règles biendéterminées.

Nabil Nahas by Donald Kuspit1999

It must be hard to give painterliness a new twist these days, but Nabil Nahas’s recent abstract works manage to do so. Literally building up the painterly surface, shaping a mixture of ground pumice and acrylic into what look like organic forms, which he then repaints, the artist gives gesture fresh resonance. His richly textured surfaces, teeming with life and often …


For Lebanese painter, Nabil Nahas, memories of an experience in nature serve as inspiration for his optically-charged paintings of starfish and olive trees. Nahas invited ARTINFO to his New York City studio to preview works for his upcoming exhibit.

World Nomads Lebanon2010

Lebanese-American artist Nabil Nahas, whose work has been exhibited all over the world, brings his striking, large-scale works—including a few new pieces—to FIAF’s Gallery.

Nabil Nahas' Fractals2014

Nabil Nahas brings his inimitable sense of scale, opulence, and sheer sumptousness back to Dubai this November with a second solo exhibition at Lawrie Shabibi. Focusing this time on his three-dimensional paintings, as tactile as they are optical,

By Anna Seaman

After a particularly heavy storm in 1991, the artist Nabil Nahas took a walk along Southampton Beach in Long Island, New York, and found it littered with starfish, spewed out by the recently tumultuous sea.

Nabil Nahas by W. Lawrie2010

Well before the current heightened interest in contemporary art of the Middle East, Nahas had established his reputation in New York art circles as a master of colour, texture and atmosphere. 

Whitewall Nabil Nahas: Process and perceptionApril 30,2013

Nabil Nahas is a delight. We met with him early this year at his studio in Chelsea, overlooking the Hudson, as he was putting the finishing touches on his solo show at Sperone Westwater  (on view through  May 4 ).

Asian Art By Olivia SandFebruary 2016

If one person has found his vocation in painting it is unquestionably Nabil Nahas. Not only does he have a communicative love for the medium, but also his work is testimony to his dedication to and joy of exploring painting 


Art in America Portraits of Paradise, From Memory: Nabil NahasNovember 2014

Nabil Nahas is perhaps best known for dense, monochromatic acrylic paintings that employ the rigid geometries of Islamic patterning. 

The National Nabil Nahas shows his paintings in LondonOctober 2014

We saw your paintings in a solo show in Lawrie Shabibi (Fractals) in November and some of your older work at Art Dubai in March.

Painter's Table Nabil Nahas: InterviewApril 2013

Tabitha Piseno interviews painter Nabil Nahas on the occasion of the exhibition of new paintings at Sperone Westwater, New York, on view from April 5 - May 4, 2013.

Bomb MagazineApril 2013

Born in Beirut in 1949, Nabil Nahas spent the first decade of his life in Cairo before returning to his native country of Lebanon, where he remained until 1968.